Through our technical assistance and training offerings,
CHaSCI leverages our EXPERTISE & EXPERIENCE to support
community-based organizations and healthcare entities
in their efforts to IMPLEMENT & SUSTAIN integrated care initiatives.

Technical Assistance

Our technical assistance provides TARGETED INFORMATION & STRATEGIES to advance practices that break down barriers to health. 

  • CHaSCI offers 1 hour of free consultation to provide basic information and resources that will answer initial questions and support your efforts to integrate health and social care.

  • For additional fee, we offer technical assistance tailored to your organization’s and community’s unique situation — allowing us to provide guidance and results relevant to your specific goals, questions, revenue sources, local partners, and state policies.

Consults have included new Medicare  fee-for-service REIMBURSEMENT MECHANISMS for care coordination, aligning health programs to quality measures, and screening for health-related social needs.


Skills &
care model replication trainings

Our skills and care model replication trainings ENHANCE ORGANIZATIONAL CAPACITY & SERVICES using BEST & PROMISING PRACTICES for addressing social and economic factors that influence health and contribute to health inequities.

CHaSCI provides training on two evidence-based care models that provide structure and evidence base for integrating SOCIAL WORK ASSESSMENT & CARE MANAGEMENT into interprofessional healthcare teams — one focused on TRANSITIONAL CARE (the Bridge Model) and another focused on PRIMARY CARE (the AIMS Model).

Our care models and trainings have been refined from YEARS OF REAL-WORLD IMPLEMENTATION at Rush and at various community-based organizations and hospital replication sites.

We also provide TAILORED SKILLS TRAINING on patient engagement, relationship-based care, and cross-sector team-building. Please contact us to discuss further.

The facilitators were excellent, answered questions thoroughly, encouraged discussion, shared their knowledge freely, and were flexible in their teaching styles. Great job!
— Trainee from Detroit, MI; Sept. 2018

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