Innovators across the country are using diverse approaches to improve health outcomes, reduce health risk, and promote health equity.
But, even with collaborative and compassionate teams, real-world projects often fail.

Significant systems change is needed to enable practice change and ensure sustainability.

CHaSCI’s care innovations incorporate systems thinking in their design,
and our policy & advocacy efforts promote systems change informed by on-the-ground practice:

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE & QUALITY IMPROVEMENT built in from the get go, including data dashboarding and clinical supervision

  • RESEARCH & EVALUATION on process data and impact on health & quality of life outcomes, quality measures, utilization patterns, cost of care, revenue opportunities, and patient & provider satisfaction


  • ENGAGEMENT AND REFERRAL PROCESSES to reach more individuals with unmet needs, such as universal screening tools

  • ROOTING WORK IN THE COMMUNITY, by reaching outside healthcare’s walls, engaging community-based partners as part of the care team, and strengthening community networks

  • CHANGE LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES that engage diverse stakeholders in initiative design and execution