CHaSCI is housed at Rush University Medical Center, an academic medical center on the west side of Chicago.
Diverse healthcare and community-based organizations participate in CHaSCI and the CHaSCI Community.

CHaSCI works towards its vision of a transformed healthcare system that promotes health equity by
advancing practices and policies that break down barriers to health.

The Center for Health and Social Care Integration (CHaSCI) is housed by the Department of Social Work and Community Health, an academic medical center on the west side of Chicago. 

Collaboration with others in the field is the only way to accomplish our mission of transforming our complex healthcare system. CHaSCI works in partnership with numerous entities around the country who are advancing this work, with CHaSCI serving as a platform to share their diverse stories and successes, and as a convening body for the various local and national workgroups. CHaSCI’s work would not be possible without the active involvement of our National Advisory Board, our Research and Development Partners, and other key partners.

CHaSCI’s practice innovations are tested and developed in diverse communities by diverse entities – health systems as well as a range of community-based organizations. The Bridge Model in particular was developed collaboratively with partners across Illinois including aging network organizations, public health leaders, and a health policy research think-tank.